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1001 Pediatric Treatment Activities (Creative Ideas for Therapy Sessions) (11 contact hours) (#635)

Course Level:  Intermediate

Item Number:  635

Hours:  11

Price:  $154.00

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*COURSE EXPIRES ONE YEAR FROM THE DATE OF PURCHASE* This course includes a textbook. The textbook is 256 pages.



“1001 Pediatric Treatment Activities” is a fantastic resource for both the beginning and seasoned PT & OT clinician who are seeking fresh new treatment ideas & activities that can be used in a wide range of pediatric settings including the home, clinic, school, or hospital. No longer will the therapist hear the client exclaim, “Didn’t we already play this game?” or “not this again!” Included are over 350 photographs to demonstrate the activities as well as many handouts that can be copied & utilized. Children with varied diagnoses that will benefit from these treatment ideas include: fine motor and gross motor delays, traumatic injuries, congenital abnormalities, perinatal injuries, ADHD, ADD, CP, ASD, dyspraxia, global delays, learning disabilities, Down syndrome, and more. Included are activities to work on sensory integration, visual perception/integration/scanning, body dissociation, hand skills, body strengthening and stabilization, cognitive skills, social skills, and gait. Also included is a reference guide to over 170 therapeutic iPhone and Android apps designed for the pediatric population. This is an excellent course for all pediatric rehab clinicians. Includes the updated (2016) 2nd edition of the text: 1001 Pediatric Treatment Activities by Ayelet Danto, OTR and Michelle Pruzansky, OTR.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------***COURSE OBJECTIVES***At the completion of this course, the therapist will be able to: 1. Define topics such as sensory integration, the visual system, dissociation activities, hand skills, body strengthening and stabilizing, cognitive and higher level skill building, and social skills. 2. Identify intervention strategies to work on sensory integration, the visual system, dissociation, hand skills, body strengthening & stabilizing, cognitive & higher-level skill building, social skills, and improving gait patterns for a wide variety of diagnoses in multiple pediatric settings. 3. Recognize the compensatory strategies that may be employed by the child who is deficient in a particular skill. 4. List and recognize the different stages of play that children normally engage in at different points of development. 5. Identify the various handouts provided to enhance the treatment session in the home or school setting. 6. Identify creative & innovative ideas to work on a specific goal in a group setting. 7. Identify how to make an activity simpler or more challenging dependent on the child’s age, developmental level & ability to tolerate the specific activity. 8. Recognize precautions for children with varied diagnoses, and recognize when an activity is unsafe or ineffective. 9. Identify examples of commercial products that may be used to address a treatment goal. 10. List sensory integration activities to work on proprioception, motor planning, pressure modulation, bilateral integration, vestibular, tactile sensitivity, and oral motor deficits. 11. Identify appropriate activities to work on hand skills such as open webspace, fine motor, pinch grasp manipulation, and hand strengthening. 12. Recognize appropriate activities to work on visual perception, visual motor integration, and visual scanning. 13. Identify a treatment activity to work on core strength, balance, and upper arm stabilization. 14. Identify appropriate activities to increase attention, organization, and social skills. 15. List treatment activities to address flat feet, increased internal rotation of hips, external rotation of the hips, and toe walking. 16. Identify an app that may be used to work on sensory integration, the visual system, hand skills, cognition, dissociation, body strengthening, social skills, or gait.

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Course Reviews

I really enjoyed this course! It was very well organized, and provided me with a lot of new activity ideas.
Also, I think this book will be an excellent reference when I return to practice.

Julie D. OH OTA, Jun. 27, 2018

Best pediatric course yet!! Excellent variety of exercises to work on strengthening, balance, so many developmental skills.

Heather B., PT ND, Nov. 29, 2017

Excellent course that gave me some new activities/games that I can implement with my students right away!
Rebecca L., Oct. 10, 2017

Great/useful information & very well organized & easy to follow.
Lisa B., GA OTA, Oct. 10, 2017

This was a great example of courses I feel are extremely helpful & applicable to daily practice.
Catherine D., KY PT, Feb. 26, 2017

Excellent content and great treatment ideas!
Mary Lou L., Nov. 10, 2016

This course is a useful tool of treatment ideas!
Marybeth T., Sep. 1, 2016

I appreciate having a hands-on visual resource that is easy to use.
Carla D., PTA WA, May. 27, 2016

I appreciated the wide scope of conditions and subconditions addressed. Thank you for offering this course opportunity in such an easy format!
Royce A. M., PT , Mar. 31, 2016

Course helped me review and increase deficits in gross motor area. This was a great course – my first time for home study for CEUs. Great treatment ideas . After 23 years as OT in school system, I was getting rather stale and too set in my ways. I will definitely recommend this course to peers.
Judith C. S. – TX OT, Dec. 30, 2015



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